My husband and I have worked through a lot and that main problem being his last ex-girlfriend, Amanda. She recently came back up. My husband and I have had problems. We were married this June on our 2nd anniversary. My stepfather whom I was very close to passed away a week later. So we were/are in a lot of stress over that. About 2 weeks ago my husband started talking to Amanda again through a work related thing. He needed her info for a background check to become a police officer. I told him that I wasn't comfortable with it he told me to trust him. Unfortunatly that was my first mistake. He left that weekend to pick up our son from his mothers. He went and spent the day with her where they told each other that they still had feelings for each other. He comes home and tells me he still has feelings for her but he wants to work us out. The next day he tells me he isn't sure and that he did see her. I left and told him to call me when he decided what he wanted. He talked to his mom (who had been helping us) and then called me and said he want me home and that he almost made a mistake. A few days later he asked me if he could write her asking for some music. His mom told me to see the email but I decided to trust him. After a few days I had a feeling and checked it. He asked her for music and also a head to toe picture of her because he couldn't get her out of his head and wanted to draw her. I confronted him a minute later (more like freaked out) in the car, we were out and about. He pulled over. I said he didn't love me anymore and he said he did and I told him he had to choose between us and he said he wanted me and that there would be no more contact between them.

I still don't feel resolved and he doesn't really acknowledge it as if it is resolved. But its not and I am really hurting. I am not sure what to do next.