The past few months I have been alone in my thoughts, doubts and fears. I have begun to go to counseling, which is helping me find my voice and my strength. I have become a detective, to try and discover what was happening. A new lady in on the scene wants to spend every waking hour with my H and he seeing nothing wrong. He assures me that he has no interest she is just helping him get things going for the business. Others think she is wonderful for helping so much.

He is completely out of ministry, he is trying is hand with a business. He spends at least 16 hours a day there.

I feel like I am trying to rebuild alone. I ask him if he is interested in working on things, he agrees but no change.

Our whole life is out of control, we are hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt. He promises that things are just about to change.

Maybe I am the crazy one!

I am hanging on to the only anchor that holds on in any storm. JESUS