My Mobile Lookout is actually an antivirus for Blackberry and Android, with the additional feature of FINDING A PHONE!

What with the new viruses being found it's a MUST to have a good antivirus, no? wink

There is the free version and the paid version, the free version has the GPS feature enabled, too, so if funds are limited, it will still work.

In the settings:
Email Notifications
Notify me by email when my device is located
Make sure this is unchecked if you're still stealth info gathering!

My WH isn't really tech savvy, so all I had to do was ambush him when he got home from work. OMG! Honey, they found another virus for Android, you need to let me install an antivirus or you'll lose all your data (his phone is a company phone).

You have to make an account with an email and a password, so if he insists on doing it himself (or herself) make sure to show them the features on a keylogger enabled computer so you can capture the email address and password used. Try not to show the locate phone feature though, maybe just the siren feature (it will send a police alarm sound to your phone in case you need to locate in the house). Which, actually, for those no longer being stealth or really just wanting to piss them off, try sending it when they're with the OP!

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