I am wondering if I should ask my husband to leave. I am very unhappy and, especially the last few years, trying to talk and be honest with him is just making me feel frustrated and helpless.
I feel like I am talking to a brick wall. I can count on one hand the repeated responses I get from him, verbatim, every time we "talk." Actually, I talk, he just says," yes, no, I forgot, and what do you want me to do?"
I have returned to school to help our financial situation. This is something that may backfire. I am epileptic, and keeping good steady employment has been very difficult.
On the other hand, my husband lost his job last January. I am happy that he does not work for this company anymore as they are quite unethical with their business practices. Then again, my husband is completely satisfied with working shaky minimum wage jobs while he waits for something to "come along." He has no education beyond high school and does not believe that some that an education could really help this.He will not even give school a try.
My family has been helping financially; something my husband is not concered with.
He has also been "more than freindly" with some former female co-workers and past female freinds. I have come across these conversations accident. Telling these women "I love you" and how pretty they are really hurt and upset me. He brushes my concerns off with answers like "Why are you jealous?" and "I'm just talking."
Recently, I found out that there was some money missing from our joint savings account that has a very small balance. "I don't know what happened to it!" I did some investgating and when shown some paperwork, he admitted he took the money but not why. I was REALLY angry that day. He said I was making too nig of a deal out of this incident. Minimum wage is not enough to pay anyone's bills.
I do not understand him anymore and talking just does not work. I end up frustrated and angry. I have recently said some awful things. Quite frankly, I am not sorry I said them. I am one the one carry our marriage and financial and I am now debating ending our marriage just to end the stress alone.
At heart, he really is a kind and fun man. My freinds say I need to lay off of him. They also don't know some of the incidents that have passed, as I like to keep things as private as possible.
When approached about professional counseling and ways to pay for it, he was enthusiastic for about 2 days, really.
Do I still love him and appreciate him? Not nearly as I did when we were first married. Our anniversary is next month and at this moment, I don't care about what was a special day. 18 years ago.

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