You are not delusional. You are the vicrim of an affair.

Every affair kind of follows the same steps. Once you get the hang of it, you recognize them. Read threads in this subforum, learn from others. Too many affairs are documented. Too many victims thought exactly what you think, the circumstances are special or different. Most affairs are garden variety affairs. Most affairs go underground after being found out if the affair partners are still in contact, like your husband and the other woman.

We don't want you to suffer any more than strictly necessary, hence the warnings. Recovering from an affair is hard enough when it stops right away, it is devastating. We are no experts, but Dr Harley is and most members on this board found out the hard way.

If the affair wasn"t physical (too often they were anyway), it will become physical if it goed underground after you discover ir. So please, for your own sake, stick around and do your research. I would hate it if you suffered more than you have already.