Spam is when people or companies send out emails (usually advertisements) to hundreds of email addresses at one time - kind of the "junk mail" of the internet. Sometimes they use computer programs to scan internet pages and pick out email addresses to add to their mailing list. Putting (NOSPAM) in the middle of your email address when you write it prevents the automatic inclusion of your email address to one of those lists. That way you won't get hit with junk mail. If you need to use an email address that has (NOSPAM) added to it, all you do is take down the email address, minus the (NOSPAM). For exammple, my old email address was If I wanted to avoid SPAM, I would write it as cdco(NOSPAM) All you would do is take out the (NOSPAM) part, and you'd have my correct (old) email address. Get it?<p>Aside from that, sorry I haven't emailed. It's been very hectic. This morning I managed to get a short email out to bystander, and hope to get to you later today. Also, need to catch up with mina, gem, tigger, and a lot of others - so if you all read this, I am trying really hard to find time to get back to you.<p>Much love,