gio made this excellent suggestion for some guidlines that should be included in a Welcome/Introduction thread for this board:

So, I guess my input aside from light reading would be this- Perhaps a punch list of sorts regarding the stages of this - the grief- anger- confusion, whatever. Also what to expect or what seems to be the "norm" behaviour for the WS. It helped me tremedously to SEE that I was going thru EXACTLY what so many were. And also that my WS was not unique at all w/his CRAZY behaviour, etc.
It would be a great help if some of you would be willing to share this information so we can compile it for newcomers who arrive here needing a place to start. I think it is a "crazy" time for people and they need to know that their feelings are normal and what sort of things need to be addressed.

Please contribute your stories or suggestions on this subject here.