I was at a school funcion for my 11yr old son last night. I decided to make it special, we went out to dinner at a nice resturaunt.
ON the way home I called my H who was in another state at a family function for his family.
When he answered the phone, I asked what he was doing? He replied he was having coffee with the fam.
Then I replied, I am driving home after having dinner with a VERY SPECIAL MAN IN MY LIFE.
There was a pause and he asked who that man might be, if I didn't mind telling him
I handed the phone to our son who , brightly said, "Hi, Daddy."
There was some laughing in the background,
Daddy, he said, you didn't think Mom was cheating on you did you?
My H (he was the WS 10 years agao) laughed and said no. He knows I'd never do that.
We all had a good laugh. I must admit, I didn't think that people would jump to that conclusion. My sons are all specila men in my life. My daughters are my best friends.

Laugh with us. It feels good.