I usually post on EN and lurk over here. I guess by the time I found MB, dh's EA was what I figured old, and wasn't the source of our problems..

Here is what I am facing now... I just copied this over from the EN board, though I might get some input here also.

51 of them to be exact all on dhs cell phone. Most were only for a minute here and there, but there were a few for a tad bit longer. He says he has no idea who it is, doesn't recognize the phone number. I called the number it was that of a female. I called back a little later and an older gentleman answered the phone. I asked who the number belonged to, he wouldn't answer, said he has no idea about dh's cell phone number. I asked if he maybe had a daughter or something, he wouldn't answer, I asked about the answering machine he wouldn't answer. Not that I expected him to.

51 calls, some went out the same night I caught him opening a new e-mail account. That night is explanation for the email was to email with Penny and our mentor without me reading. Said there were things he wanted to discuss with them and I would just argue with him about it. Dh says why would I spend all this money to work with Penny if I'm going to mess around.

Most of the calls were outgoing, some incoming. He had been receiving strange phone calls asking for someone else, around this time frame, but most of these calls were outgoing.

Some of them early in the morning, the time he would be driving to work, a lot late at night, some even during the time he would be driving home.

I went in to him and calmly told him if he for some reason started talking to someone, please be honest with me so we can work it out with Penny. He said he hadn't been. I againg (I know not good) said if you have been, please tell me, we can get through it if you are honest. He said I 've been talking to someone. I asked who, he said I'm lying I haven't been, but you aren't going to believe me anyway.

I am really trying not to react right now until I talk to P.