Thank you for the responses.

Shmaley~ My phonebill tells how many text messages have been sent and received on his phone, it doesn't mesh with the number of phone calls.

I agree with you about the e-mail account. I think he got caught so he had a "good story". He has already had one EA, lots of porn use, and lots of unexplainable events.

I tried the site you gave me, no luck. It took me to a paid site. My dad is a PI he is trying to find info on the number for me. Although, he said that it is really hit and miss with just a phone number. Not sure what I would do with the info anyways.

Maddy~ It wouldn't do any good to change the number. The majority of the calls are outgoing from his cell. If I put all the information together with the timeline, it doesn't look good at all. Now I'm running the risk of my dh reading here and finding out what I knw..uggg I"m not very bright.

Kloe no luck at google thanks though