Your H sounds like he is feeding a bunch of WS babble...... don't buy it. If he agrees to change the #, let him. Watch how long that takes.... ask for access to view the nextel account on line. Chances are if the A is happening, he will change the # and get another phone. If he is dumb enough to continue A calls on the new #, then you will find out more garbage.

Be proactive. If your H is slow in changing his cell#, moniter the calls. You and nextel have alerted the household and whatever debates or babble being said on that end, is now going on (not your business....yet). Keep a log of the info you currently have.

If needed you can report this # to the police and have them put a trace on the nextel phone or even the incoming calls phone. The owner will probably be notified that harrassment calls are coming from their phone and someone (left unnamed) has made a report. The police will let you know the details.