Proverbs 25:14 (NLT)
14A person who doesn't give a promised gift is like clouds and wind that don't bring rain.

Solomon provided this piece of wisdom to live by. He said a person who promised a gift and then did not follow through with that gift was like a cloud in the wind that did not bring rain to the land. It brought promise to the land, but then the hope vanished.

On one of the popular afternoon court TV shows a man was suing his niece claiming she did not pay him back for her mother’s funeral. This was horrible case in which the distraught young woman was counter suing the uncle because he had kept a ring of her mothers. She said she had not paid her uncle because he had kept her mother’s ring she had promised to her. The uncle said he had not given her the ring because he said his mother had promised it to him, but had given it to his sister, who was her mother. Finally the judge asked, “Sir, do you have this ring”, and the man showed he had it on a chain around his neck. This promised gift that was never given had burdened this man so strongly he had stolen it from a dead woman. He kept it from the rightful owner, his niece, which was the only remaining memory she had of her mother. Maybe if someone had read the above Proverb and applied it to their life, maybe some of these pains might not have occurred. The Bible is full of wisdom to guide us in our life and direct us each and every day. Have you taken a moment to take God’s word into your heart and apply His wisdom? Pray and ask God for the wisdom from His word. Look to Him for knowledge and truth. Seek His ways that you might know what is good and true.