However, I do believe God is the only one capable of turning a WRONG into a RIGHT and that is how I see my situation. No I should never have entered into that A with OM, no I should never have been disloyal to BH, no I shouldn't have played Russian roulette with birth control etc.... the list is long of the "shouldn't haves" on my list, but Christ died for me just as he died for those that do the "right" thing or those like me who don't or at one point have been so under satan's attack they did everything WRONG!

I have repented, I Believe God is using OC to save my M, I believe God will also use OC to bring OM closer to him, I also believe God was the only one capable of helping BH forgive me and be now a better husband than he was before....Perhaps I am just a positive person who chooses to believe that good always comes out of a bad situation.

There are a lot of things that I (and those also involved) shouldn't have done in my situation but other than to learn from the past, I am trying hard to put my mistakes behind and not dwell on it and not see the blessings it has brought me. Trust me, I live with a daily reminder of that and I thank God every day for her.


WW (me) 36 BH 37 Married 16 yrs 3 children, 12DD, 4DD, 7 mths DD (OC) D-day 8/05 2nd D-day 10/05 *OC* 3rd D-day 6/08/06 DD *OC* born ~~ If I had known then what I know now ~~