It sucks to feel like you are there to love and support no matter what (especially in my H's career) and not feel that in return. Again, no excuse for what I did.

He says that he is only still married to me out of convenience. I deserve that comment, but is it true? I'm not sure if he even knows. I am doing my best to be as patient as I can. He quit saying he loves me right after he found out - but the other night did tell me that he still has love for me (not quite the same as "I love you" though). He doesn't want to hear that I love him either. He says it lost all meaning knowing that I said it to someone else. I can understand that, so I am trying to SHOW that I love him instead of saying it. I know it is still really early on in all this. I just want to see some small sign that he might give "us" another try ...

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