Here's the thing about it ... I don't feel "right" about the friendship, but I don't feel "right" about checking up on it against his will either.

I told him when I asked about her that this is how A's begin, after all I've been there. He assured me that they have not discussed our situation but that they are friends. I just don't feel good about this friendship, especially since I didn't know about it before he found out about my A (though the friendship didn't really grow until after he found out about me). She has a history of being with men in my H's profession ... As his friend, if we don't work out, I want to warn him to be cautious of women interested in him b/c of his job (they might be after him for the wrong reasons). And I want to tell him that now about this woman, but I don't want to "rock the boat".

I mentioned in my other thread that we are getting along better than ever - I don't want to ruin that. He comes home tomorrow, and I'm still not sure how I can act like we're not married.

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