Well, thank you ... but I'm not feeling so awesome these days.

I know that she isn't ugly or fat (saw her pic on myspace ... that's how I found out about her). I know that she's wild. I know that she's around our age (28ish). I know her name and where she lives (city only). I know she has a history with men in my H's profession. I know he doesn't talk to her in front of me. I know he'll see her soon. YUCK!

So I have 5 days to WOW him. I do work and our schedules sort of clash, but I know he'll make time to be home with DD, which means family time too. I've made a lot of discoveries while he's been away and feel like a calmer person (I'm typically pretty Type A). Still not sure how I'm going to deal with all this, but I'm giving it my all. I just don't want to lose him. We've been with each other through a lot! He has been kind enough to say that we are great partners and we make a good team (very true).

Happily Recovered from Double Infidelity! \:\)
DD1[about to turn 7]
DD2[due at X-mas]