well, youve been through alot and its understandable. just know that someone out there believes that you are Awesome and i am sure i am Not the only one.

ok, so she is not 9000 years old or ugly... Issue!

you have been wowing him... thats why he is "afraid". he is afraid that you will hurt him again. its legitimate (sorry!).

i think i would go about "my business" as usual when he comes home. do whatever the norm is at your place minus the sex and back rubs. i dont know what you do for him that he doesnt want you to do so keep those things to a minimum. i dont know what you do as a family but do More of it. if he gets antsy - back off. feel him out. you will be ok. his rules "no sex, no back rubs, no doing things for him. But we can sleep in the same bed, and I am allowed to still do his laundry, cook his meals, pack his suitcase for his next trip, etc." do Not include spending time together, having fun together, talking and communication. i wouldnt talk about saving the marriage just yet either.. "let it go" for now (its just for now you can do it!)

what do you think?

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