Well, he stayed out again last night - at least he had the decency to send me a text message letting me know. I don't think it is ok to not come home ... it sets a bad example for our DD. (Btw - during my A or any other time during my M, I have NEVER not come home when I said I would, and I have NEVER stayed out overnight!) So today and he tomorrow he has promised to spend with us, and only us. I really want to talk to him about this behavior. He feels justified in doing whatever he wants, whenever he wants because of what I did. He says he is trying, but its obvious he is not. I'm feeling used, as previously mentioned. Is it a bad idea to place some boundaries? (i.e. If you want to live here, you need to come home before morning. If you want to live here, you need to make your family your focus. If you want to live here, we need to go to MC since things are only getting worse, not better.)???

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