Thanks for checking in ... things are not going well. He finally came home and stayed there Sat & Sun. We had a loooooong talk last night - I don't know how I have any tears left. He has decided that Divorce is the only option for him. He will stay at home until school is out for the summer and then we will finalize everything. He says this isn't what he really wants, but feels like the only way I will gain/not lose respect for him is if he goes. He offered up that there is always the slight chance that we could end up back together, but that isn't much consolation right now. I am devastated to say the least. I want to schedule an appt with the Harleys, but it seems like his mind is already made up and there doesn't seem to be anything that will change it.

So, looks like I won't be around MB much longer ...

Happily Recovered from Double Infidelity! \:\)
DD1[about to turn 7]
DD2[due at X-mas]