Why do you think this:

So, looks like I won't be around MB much longer ...

Your Husband has his head in his A$$ and maybe somewhere else and you think it's time to leave?

WWHHHYYY, We've just gotten started.....

You have only been here 2 weeks, your A was many months ago and your WH (?) is still wondering what to do.

So. Be Still. Relax.

The fight is about to begin. And it's not the fight you expected. But, if you leave, you will not have any idea what comes in the later rounds.



Haha! Thank you for that LG! I trust that my BH is not a WH (yet), but his mind is made up. Since he's agreed to stay at home until school is out, I have a few more months to fight for it, but my hopes are fading day by day.

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