I think a call to the Harley's would be great!

Has your H read "Wild At Heart?" Have you? It might give you some insight into a man's heart. One of the things John Eldridge says is that a man's biggest fear is failure.

I'm sure your H is doing a lot of self-talk and considers himself a failure because he either wasn't enough to keep you by his side, or didn't love you enough to keep you happy.

I'm just speculating-not being male-but I know I did that alot after d-day.

So, keep on doing what you are doing-call the Harleys. Get a plan. And most importantly-keep hanging in there!


"I may not know what the future holds, but I know who holds my future." -Martin Luther

Remarried my FXH 25 years to the day of our first M. God is so good-and sometimes so unexpected!