My best friend just moved away, but we talk daily. I have other friends, but most of my friends were OUR friends, and now they all know about the A ... it makes me uncomfortable. I have sort of secluded myself since DDay. I mentioned to him today that it is really hard to be going through this with not much time for myself. I would give anything to have the time for a weekly yoga class! He doesn't tell me what he's doing until the last minute, so I never know if I'll need a babysitter. Besides that, I would like for us to spend some time together! He says I am asking A LOT of him to "date" me ...

You are right! I was actually just filling out the EN questionnaire and my needs were really not being met! And now they really aren't! I am at a loss!

Happily Recovered from Double Infidelity! \:\)
DD1[about to turn 7]
DD2[due at X-mas]