I don't think your WS wants a D either - keep up a Plan A, be patient, and keep focusing on "you". "Be still" really fits the situation here! If there is "confusion", I would stay away from the R or M talk as much as possible unless scheduled.

I agree, the Harleys are great! If you can get your spouse to talk to one of them, which you have, it is a great advantage!

BS (Me) - 33 WW - 31 Married 14 years, together 17 Daughter: 16 yrs old Separated: 12/29/06 D-Day: 2/2/07, EA/PA With Co-Worker Plan B Started: 3/6/07 D filed by WW: 4/18/07 Olive Branch offered (Plan B resumed after): 8/8/07 R Attempt by WW: 9/1/07 NC Established: 9/4/07 NC Broken: 9/5/07, 9/6/07 Status: Plan B, Pt. II (9/10/07)