I got a nice phone call from the road today! <img src="/ubbt/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

He called to tell me that he appreciates how supportive I've been of his career. He thanked me for being supportive throughout our relationship and now. He said that I could have said "well, you're going to divorce me, so I guess you'll need to stay in town until the weekend to help take care of [DD]". I told him thank you, though I didn't realize we were def getting a D. He said that we just look at the situation differently. His perspective: it was over on DDay, if it works out then great! My perspective: its not over until D papers are signed. Either way the situation is what it is. He just wanted me to know that he really appreciated the support and that it is a plus on my character ... these are the things he is thinking about on this trip.

Let's hope he keeps remembering the good and that it outweighs the bad. Is Plan A succeeding? We'll see, won't we?