I know - I sound crazy don't I? I have been working 24/7 lately: at the office, as a mommy, on the new me. I guess I just am a bit overwhelmed right now. (Really looking forward to the beach in a week!)

He is in his own A and fog - do you think he really notices new me or is it him covering up his A? I have solid evidence of at least EA, no PA proof yet. I was really good about being sweet yesterday, but not really talkative (his attention span is really short and I usually talk too long anyway). So I was pleasant, but brief when he called. I only called him 1 time to ask a question pertaining to DD. It is getting harder and harder to Plan A knowing about his A - I want to ask him what he would have done if he had found out about mine before it was over ... would he have exposed? kept quiet? snooped until proof of PA? confronted me?

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