He called to apologize ... realized he didn't think about things from my perspective, but still felt I was out of line. I apologized for overreacting and we ended up talking for a bit. Basically, he hasn't taken the time to deal with things or think about whether or not he wants to be M anymore. He feels sorry for me, sees I've changed and how bad I feel for what I did. I told him that I still want us to work things out, but will understand if he doesn't and not to feel sorry for me. I am a different person now and am continuing to grow. I told him that if he would take some time to get to know me again, it might be easier to make that decision. He thinks he should go to IC to work through it all. He didn't have much else to say, but thanked me for the talk.

So I guess we are still in limbo. He hasn't taken any of the last 3 months to work through it or think about it, so its almost as if we are back to DDay ... how long to I hang on? How long do I give him to start thinking about it? I don't want to force a decision, but he needs to at least start thinking about it, right?

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