I have to tell you TFC... your actions would end this ordeal for me. You have continued to say that you are going to stop worrying about HIM and work on you... BUT everything I read from you is all about YOU. I would walk away in a heartbeat if I were your H.

You have been given advice here... you say you are going to follow it... yet you continue to do as you please which is really the same thing you have been doing all along.

I am going to bug out of this sitch now as you obviously have your mind made up that working on you is not the way to go. Frankly, I think your H deserved more patience from you...more time from you... but only you get to make that call. I can tell you that if I were in your H's shoes, you would have driven the last nail into the coffin you placed me in. Sorry for being so blunt but I am really confused by the contradiction between your actions and your words.

Good luck.