good lord - you take a babystep forward and then a giant step backwards.

Have to agree with MEDC.

You are being manipulative and controlling. I am thinking you want to end the M. Get a lawyer and try to get your BH removed from the house and then go into Plan B. Yep - that will win him over after you had slept with his best friend. Sounds like mind games. My advice to him is run for the hills, go for full custody and residence of the home.

If he is having a revenge A - then you are competing with OW. How do you stack up against the OW ? Looks and demeanor? Are you worth the pain and hassle? Your DD is worth it for both of you to try. You need to work on you and not him. He is seeing it now - finally.

See Plan B is for the BS who is hurting and in pain (My suggestion is to read the pain of those posting on this board in Plan B) , they remove themselves to waken the WW to what life is like without them and also to retain what "love units" are left their bank for their WS. Plan B may take 2 years even after a divorce. No guarantees and it does have a high risk - out of sight / out of mind.

Seems to me we have a Plan B in reverse. Plan B by you will help him make a clear decision. Instead of thinking you or him - think about your DD - that is YOUR job. Be a mother and work on trying to be a Wife one day. So far being a W there apparently is much to learn.

Hope you calm down a bit and think about it.

W: 52
Married: 32 yrs
2 Sons (29 & 23)
1 Dtr (20)
1 GDtr (2.5) precious little girl