"Exposure" is a weapon in the betrayed spouse's (BS) arsenal to smash the adultery by letting people who can put pressure on the adultery to end. These include both WS and BS family members, including their children, religious leaders at your church, friends, co-workers, senior officers at the place of work (if it’s a workplace affair), business and professional associates, professional societies to which the WS belongs, etc., etc. [color:"blue"] [/color] [color:"blue"] [/color] [color:"blue"] [/color] [color:"blue"] [/color]

If you want to recover your marriage using Dr. Harley’s well-established principles, you need to follow his program right from the beginning. If you treat MB principles like a Chinese menu, selecting items from column A and some from column B, according to what suits you, you’re sowing the seeds of the destruction of your marital recovery plan.

If you haven’t seen Dr. Harley’s advice, here’s a thread relaying Dr. Harley’s own words on the subject of exposure:

[color:"blue"]Dr. Harley's Advice On Exposure[/color]

I'm not entirely sure where you are in your recovery plan but good luck in all that you do.