Longhorn - Thank you for your advice. You believe then, that even though I was WS first, his A should be exposed?

JL - I thought about Plan B last week, but decided I wasn't ready for it ... I didn't feel my Plan A was done well enough thus far (especially considering my A) and he still doesn't know that I know about his A. I want to expose, but also feel that I need to give him the fair chance to end it on his own (as I do not think it will last). But I also don't want to give opportunity for it grow much more. I am being very nice and caring during our chats, but I've been careful not to hang on the phone for a long time (other than the one chat on Sunday evening). I haven't really called him, other than to check on something yesterday. I asked what I needed to, he answered, I said "that's great! hope you have a great rest of your day!" He stopped me from getting off the phone to ask how my day was going (something he rarely does). So we chatted a moment longer and I got off the call.

So, I figured I can't go into Plan B until I tell him that I know about the A, have done a bit more/better Plan A, and he still hasn't ended the A. Am I right?

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