What is OTOH?

I am certain there is at least EA, no surety of PA yet (but highly suspicious). He will meet accusations with "we're just friends".

I thought about the "checked out" possibility too. But, if he doesn't care anymore why is he hiding it and why is he starting to come around being nicer to me? (Am I being too hopeful here?)

I am def thinking of her as competition! On looks alone I have her beat (except she has bigger boobs <img src="/ubbt/images/graemlins/eek.gif" alt="" />). I've met her a couple of times a while back, and if I remember correctly I have her beat on brains too. She is more of a party-girl, and my focus is being a good mom. But she is def meeting ENs now, so I am stepping it up!

Maybe I'll wait a bit to decide about exposure ... see if the A dies down a little first, keep Plan A-ing (better than ever), and spend some [fun] time with him when he gets back in town.