In addition -
I was thinking about his definition of the word "separation" last night after we spoke again (nice conversation, brief, idle chit-chat). It seems to me that yes, we are EMOTIONALLY separated right now. But a marital separation is not purely an emotional one. If we are to be emotionally separated while living together & sleeping together, that would actually be called cake-eating on his part IMO. So, seems to me he needs to understand that while I do not wish to be separated, if he does we'll need to be completely separated ...

tfc - please stop trying to make sense out of WS nonsense. You'll just go crazy if you do.

He DOES understand that you don't wish to be separated.

He DOES understand that he is married to you and living with you and sleeping with you and that it's ridiculous for him to say that he is "separated" from you.

He knows perfectly well that he is bullying you and playing you.

He also knows that it's working.

Stop waiting for him to "do something" about this. Hon, he's not going to do ANYTHING about this except keep on bullying you into going along with it.

What are YOUR boundaries?

What are YOU going to do?

Me, BW
WH cheated in corporate workplace for many years. He moved out and filed in summer 2008.