Why would you go to plan B??? Do you understand you only go to plan B after you have done a great plan A? Do you understand you only leave plan A once you start to feel your love bank drain?

Plan B is not to affect him, although it might. It is to protect what love you have for him so that you can endure until the end of the A.

TFC, how long did your H work to try and save the marriage once he found out about your A? Did he just up and leave? Did he give up? You have really only started plan A a few days ago. You are starting to get the hang of it as Pep pointed out. What is the message you want to send him?

It really is your call, but if you go plan B without a good plan A, you might just lose him. Perhaps that is what you deep down want, I don't know. You did head off with another man already during this marriage.

You need to look in YOUR heart and decide what you stand for, and what you can stand. You then need to set some goals. If it is continued plan A, you need to get a plan. If it is plan B, you need to get a plan.

Heck Harley even states that a DIVORCE should be POJA'd. Think about that.

Knowing he is an A and having proof, does not automatically throw you out of plan A.

Must go.

God Bless,


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