I like your style on exposure! Good for you. But I also see that you are talking about going to Plan B. I for one do not think that any spouse should put up with cheating. But I do have a question for you? I have not read your whole thread but what was your husband like before your affair?

I ask this because if I got the story right you had an affair and not only that you had it with his friend? If I have all of that right I cannot imagine anything to be more devastating to your husband. I know my wife’s affair was the worst thing to ever happen to me but if it would have been with one of my friends I just can't imagine that.

In his mind now he may want to know what it was like. Why were you willing to throw everything away for another guy. I am sure he is tormented by the thought of being with you a woman that he loves but would betray him. If he just forgave you then you would have had all of the fun and just come back to the marriage with no consequences. And then he thinks what about the next time you cheat. I know you would never do that but I bet you said that before your first affair.

Let me just ask why should he choose you instead of the OW? All I want to say is there has to be a good reason. If you already did a great plan A then OK maybe he would see a reason to choose you.

But if his thoughts are of you with his friend then you may be making a mistake. Otherwise I agree with you I would not put up with him cheating. Also for a man the worst thing I thought could happen was for your wife to sleep with another man but the worst thing would probably for your wife to sleep with your brothers or friends. That would be even worse.

Again, I am just asking the question. I divorced my wife for cheating so I can understand where he is at but then he should maybe have just divorced you. He is not entitled to have other girlfriends.

Just wanted to throw those questions out there.