TFC, I hadn't realized you were at the three-month point in your Plan A. It's important because Dr. Harley advises a Plan A implemented by BW should last only an average of three months, not six. Please make certain to let Steve H. aware of how long you've been at this, okay? Part of Dr. Harley's strategy is to end Plan A before one loses one's love for the WS and SH will need all the information in order to advise you correctly.

I'm glad you've already taken steps to safeguard yourself. A preliminary visit...heck, even filing a petition for divorce does not set in motion anything that cannot be halted and reversed in an instant. In some cases, I think the simple act of being served with divorce papers is a "culture shock" and can be enough to wake up a WS.

Lady, you don't have to decide today if he's playing a game to hurt you or intends to push you away to get out of the marriage. Let the pot boil for a while and watch what he’s doing. You’ve been able to detect him “analyzing” everything you say just today. You’ll find out a lot more if you sit back a little and wait.

Whatever his aim, TFC, he’s being deceitful in this whole transaction. Were I you, I’d keep to the high ground. Don’t play his game.

I think you’ve enough evidence to assume you were intended to find the pics so…sure, let him know you found the photos, and ask him what he thought he was going to gain by you finding them? Find out what he expects you to do about them, now that you have them (and are securing them where he can’t get them back).

Be calm. He’s expecting the opposite.

Your MIL will probably be applying some pressure very soon. WH won’t expect that. Your calmness will create more consternation and things will begin percolating in his alien little mind. Pressure is a good thing to happen to affairs. Stress exposes cracks and exploits them, making the fantasy corrode away to nothing. Let's see what a little pressure from SIL and MIL does to the boiling pot, okay?