Just got back in town ... I had a lot of time to think about things and must admit my Plan A sucked this week. He is really pissy that every day I ask if they have had any contact, but he at least sort of answers me. MIL & FIL had nice loooooooooooong chats with him about his behavior. They told him it would be one thing if I was unwilling to work on the M, but I have shown great strength of character with all I have done to try to improve the M. They have encouraged him to think things through and stop his childish behavior. We made a deal to go one week not talking about the M and getting along, really trying. I am at least holding up my end, we'll see how things progress.

Before I went out of town with DD, he said that he had his mind all made up for D when he got back in town and after spending less than 24 hrs with me, he's confused again. (But his passwords still include OW's name - lovely!) We have a whole week starting tomorrow of him being in town. Tomorrow we are doing family Easter lunch with his parents. MIL & I agreed this is a good opportunity for him to see what could-be, so we are making it extra-special (but not obvious). I need to ramp up my Plan A this week! Any other suggestions?

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