I was just told that I put the final nail in the coffin this morning. I confronted him about spending the night with her ... he finally admitted to it, but swears there was no sex. I told him that as long as he lives in our home, he was to have no contact with her. (I was over the cake-eating and fence-sitting.) He says he lied about it b/c he knew it was wrong. I was told told that by my snooping and confronting I've put the final nail in the coffin. That he might have stayed had I let him get it all out of his system. That things were great when I just let him do what he wanted to and said nothing. That he didn't understand why I couldn't just let go. That all this was my fault (I'll accept part of the blame). That he was going to get D papers today.

He said something like "Yeah. I had a friendship, it got a little too emotional. So what? After what you did to me! Its not an affair."

What have I done??? Why didn't I just shut-up and let him have his little revenge A and come back home? Why couldn't I just let things be? What can I possibly do to make things right again?

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