wouldn't be too concerned about legalities and such. In Texas, such things are not a matter of criminal law so the cops can't make a person leave a home where they've established residence, and they can't make a person in possession of a home accept another person into that home. It's a matter of civil law and WH would have to file suit if you happen to change the locks and stuff like that. Mind you, you'd lose the suit, but it's highly unlikely this would go that far. I wouldn't worry about that right now. Deal with it if and when it comes around.

Ummm... you are right... a little. In the USA... the entire USA... a person cannot be deprived of peoperty without due process. The H could come home and break into his own home... since it is his home... noc crime is committed. We went on these calls all the time. No lawsuit is required... just a good strong sledge hammer.