I think I should Plan A a bit longer ... I think my Plan A has gone pretty good (certainly not perfect). I've eliminated all LBs EXCEPT confronting with evidence of contact with OW - which I refuse to quit doing. Other than that, I think I'm going alright.

His top ENs: SF, Domestic Support, Attractive Spouse, Admiration (in no particular order)

- SF is going unmet at current b/c I don't know if he's sleeping with her. But it was met up until about 3 weeks ago (which is the longest we've ever gone without SF, and this is in the top 3 for us both) ... not sure when I can meet this one again.
- Domestic Support has never been better! I am a better Mom than ever before, and my house is actually clean!
- Attractive Spouse has not ever been an issue with us, but I am in better shape than ever before and he's loving it! And I'm also dressing cuter at home - no more sweats!
- Admiration is the hardest one for me b/c I don't like him a whole lot right now, but I have still done an excellent job of blowing up his ego when I find the right opportunity (especially since I knocked it out with my A). I'm cautious not to go overboard on this one though.

It seems as though the A has died down, but I want absolutely NC ... and he thinks they can just be friends. She doesn't understand how what they were doing was wrong. So, I think I should work Plan A a while longer and try to get another MC session w/ SH so he can explain to H why what they were doing was wrong. Sounds like my best option right?