Perhaps I was a bit obtuse. Sorry.

I meant if you respect that he has not left the marriage, tell him. If you respect that he was forced to deal with a lot of pain and did not run, then tell him. My point was to point out areas where you might have developed some respect for him.

You see you clearly showed him you had none with your A. So unlike the more normal BS, you are starting from a position of having shown him little or no respect. That was all I was trying to point out.

TFC, perhaps this will help your patience. He is running right now. He is running from himself and his pain. He will get tired of running and he may already be doing that. You just keep walking along, and you will find him on the side of the road bent over from fatigue. Patience, relentless patience is required. But also take care of yourself in the process you will need your strength.

God Bless,