Going to an attorney today for a consult. I've had this scheduled for several weeks now. I'm wondering if I should go ahead and have the MSA drawn up? I don't really want to, but in some way I think it might wake-up my H to realize that we aren't going to just live like this ... that things will have to start being worked on in order to stay married.

His MO has been to do what he wants, when he wants - until I get to my breaking point and show that I am serious. Case in point: OW wasn't really broken-up with until I told him that I had found several apartments within his price-range and would happy to place a deposit on one of them so he could move out since he wasn't done with her. After that, he got his you-know-what together and began actually trying at this M.

He's sort of like a teenager sometimes - he'll push until he realizes that he's actually going to get in trouble, and then he straightens out a bit. But he usually goes right back into what he was doing to upset me after I've been placated for a week or two.

So, any tips for me before I go to this appointment today? Any suggestions? Any warnings?