I am sort of struggling with this ...

I know my H better than anyone, and I have a gut feeling that if I go into Plan B he'll go back to his OW or find someone new to have an EA with. I also know myself, and not talking to him at all might drive me insane.

So, I suppose the best plan of attack is Plan A - a solid, perfected Plan A. I have been good at it thus far, but it has been waning. Seems to me that I need to do a FANTASTIC Plan A to re-up his interest level. I think I also need to be a little less accessible to him though. Not playing games, per se, but just not always being so readily available. I must admit that Plan A has been really difficult over the last week though - I'm so frustrated with how things are going that I'm finding difficult to maintain focus on being positive.

I will try to call the radio show tomorrow too, see what the Harleys have to say.

What do you think about this plan? Does it need some adjustments?

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