We never said that his A was worse than mine. We were commenting on how his actions were a more blatant betrayal. I undertand that my actions initiated our current marital situation. But you must admit MEDC, that his actions have worsened the situation. And I'm sorry that you aren't seeing that there is never an excuse for an A ... not mine, not his.

Now, if you would like to add something that might help me make a plan to save my M it would be appreciated. Otherwise, don't come here just to berate me. I am not delusional ... I know what I did, and I am not making excuses for it nor am I justifying it. He, on the other hand, is both making excuses & justifying his choices.

What would you recommend, MEDC? That I just lay down and be his doormat? That I not hold him accountable for his actions?

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