what you did say was quoted... that it could be said that his was a worse betrayal.... that is what I responded to.

I never suggested that you lay down to be his doormat......nor do I think his affair was okay. Ask yourself why the vets here with the exception on Longhorn has basically avoided your thread. Remember not that long ago when the type of logic you used above caused them to go on the attack? I stayed and offered to help... but I will not enable crazy thinking like you outlined above... just won't do it. You have a person like LH that does a good job of that.... and frankly, it will get you no where.
The strategy that you were given by the vets here still remains true.... Plan A and work on YOU.... remember you can't change him... just yourself. Be patient.... even though you have admitted that is not a strongsuit of yours. You will be rejected at times... deal with it. He will fence sit at times... deal with it. Expect that it will happen and it will be easier.