Awwww, darn it. He's continuing to detach and making arbitrary decisions that you’re not a party to. If he rekindles a relationship with OW, or finds a new one, the separate account makes it easier to hide. There’s a chance he’s learning how to better hide things.

The “date” worries me too. I'm afraid it's going to be a thing that appears to be conciliatory on its face, but really has a deeper agenda. I wonder how he’ll orchestrate the whole evening.

I really, really hope I’m wrong. I’m seeing a resemblance to other people’s cases where one spouse or the other began building a case for being able to say, ”Well, I tried…” I hope I’m wrong.

Well, I’m sorry you can’t keep doing a Plan A, but when it gets to a certain point, when your Love Bank is nearly exhausted, and when your love for WH is in serious jeopardy, then there’s nothing more you can do. You have to get some relief from what I saw someone write the other day is the “tyranny of having your love bank completely depleted.”

My only suggestion would be to caution you I see your emotions are very high today. Can you reevaluate the time limit after a good night’s sleep? It’s your decision, of course.

I understand your Love Bank is almost drained. The problem with him depositing small deposits…crumbs of affection, being decent, and seeming to come closer (while he’s on the road), etc….is that while he’s depositing small increments at a distance, that deposit is later “withdrawn” because of the way he acts when he gets home. It seems to me, it’s been a while since he’s really tried to meet your EN's. Comment?

Is there no way you will consider a legal separation when you go into Plan B? I think it would be better for your daughter and you if you were not ripped from your home because your WH won’t see the light. Remember, Plan B can be something that can last for one or two years. A legal separation can help secure your financial situation and provide an interim settlement on such things as child support and spousal support.