Cross-posting again! LOL

She also said this:
See, we learned to live without him.....yet he never learned to live without us. So even though he had the A, he was more attached to us than we were to him.

We have learned to live without my H, as he is only home about 5 days a month. I think he would be hard pressed to live without us ... or so I'm guessing (he's said a bunch of times that he wants to move, I've said ok, he still hasn't).

I am emotional today ... I'm wearing thin. Too much stress, too little sleep. I will try to sleep well tonight and re-think all this. I suppose I was being a bit rash there.

The "date" concerns me too! We'll just see how it goes. We just had a conversation about the new bank account. He suggested that we move "our" finances to the new bank too. Its still concerning. I am willing to consider a legal separation for Plan B, but he has expressed his determination not to move from the home (even though he says he wants to).

I guess I'm just so confused by all the different signs. He called XOM last night and again this morning ... not sure why and he hasn't told me anything about it. He's being nice, but distant on this trip.

Btw - He just said to me "Well, I thought me coming home for Mother's Day was enough to keep you in a good mood all week!" I just said "I'm in a great mood! What makes you think I'm not?" <img src="/ubbt/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" />

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