Yes, on the emotion thing, it's a highly emotional situation so being on edge is to be expected. I just keep remembering things Grandma used to say and one of them was, "Act in haste, repent in leisure." In my opinion, Grandma was a far better practical psychologist than many actually in that vocation. I miss her.

Hubby wants points for doing what other men would do without even thinking of not being there. That's disconcerting. A crumb is supposed to keep you happy all week? I may be unduly harsh, but I'm not very impressed, particularly when he says it on the same date he sets up a personal banking account.

I'd like others to chime in on this, but I don't recall ever hearing of a BS wanting to have anything personal to do with the XOM. There have been family members who are the XOM and BS's haven't wanted that much to do with them. That relationship will bear watching.

The thing about a legal separation is that he won't have a choice about moving out. The writ will require him to. You need to talk to your attorney, but I think you really need to establish possession of the home in case the worst case scenario plays out. Besides, all of your daughters friends are there, right? BTW, he won't consider moving as long as he's cake eating.

You and your daughter should do something fun tonight. MacDonalds and a movie?