I'm guessing its #2, LH. I have become quite the detective, so I don't think I would miss a beat if he were talking to her or anyone else.

The XOM encounter is the only thing that has been unusual or unpleasant, as far as I know. I thought about asking him about it, but I don't know that I would get an answer. So, I will ask my IC this week. I'm willing to bet he's confused us all on this one!

The most recent trip, he stayed with some friends and they gave their opinion of whether or not he should stay M to me. I asked if he told them the whole[ story about himself as well. He wavered on saying "yes" ... then I picked out certain things like "So, they know that you've had your own revenge affair? They know about you spending the night with her? They know about all the women you were acting inappropriately with?" He didn't have much of a response to that, so I'm guessing they only know 1/2 the story. I told him that either way, other people's opinions have no place in our M. That this is between he & I.

As for our "date" ... last night, I asked if the sitter had called yet. He said "no, why?" I told him that I needed to let her know that I wouldn't need her. He just grunted. A couple of minutes later he said something like "well, you can come if you want to." I just said "no thank you". He asked what was wrong and I explained that I thought it was very rude for him to invite me to something and then not follow through. That issue was never resolved - I just ended up saying I wasn't going (even thought I still really want to).

And here come the mixed signals ...
I was getting ready for bed last night and he sat down and talked to me. He apologized for the argument we'd had earlier in the day and then we talked about how we could have handled it better. All this was initiated by HIM, not ME.

A couple o' things he said yesterday:
"I see that you've changed, I just can't believe all the hype just yet. I need to know its for good."
"You don't see yourself as a victim here ... do you?"
"Wouldn't your life be easier without me?"

And something a friend of his said to him about me:
"I know how vague you can be at times. And with TFC not knowing what's up or down with you right now, she's still being really supportive of you and your career. That's pretty cool of her. Pretty cool." <img src="/ubbt/images/graemlins/eek.gif" alt="" />