Some folks think of themselves as superior to the rest of us and they’re quite certain they’re entitled to lecture everyone else on their transgressions. Unfortunately, they have only one mindless theme they spout again and again. Some folks think helping consists of bashing others whenever they find someone vulnerable.

Some folks have only one view of the Christian ethic of redemption...and it involves burning at the stake. Some folks write as if they were filled with righteous indignation at another’s faults – they’re the ones with so little empathy, they vie to cast the first stone.

Some folks wrap a lot of words around their need to hurt others and call it “tough love,” but it’s really just narrow-minded, pompous posturing. Some folks call their vilification of others “insightful,” but it’s really just intolerant ranting. They call what they do “straight speaking,” but its only intent is to crush other people’s spirits. Some folks’ ego are fed by such things.

In short, some folks are trolls in a different guise, but they’re just as destructive and just as immoral.

Stay strong, TFC. Except for the trolls, we're all here for you.