I just don't think I need to constantly be berated for not being as patient as you would like to see me be

I do not berate you for your lack of patience...unless calling you on it is considered berating to you. As far as what I would like... I have nothing invested in you... I would not like for you to be anyway in particular...I guess that is the point... I want to give you the advice that I consider to give your M the best chance at survival.

As far as finding me abrasive... I can be...but I find you to be the same way. Perhaps neither one of us comes across as intended... but since I am not the one in the relationship quandry at this time, perhaps you should look beyond the perceived abrasiveness to see the message in the post. If I didn't want you to succeed, I wouldn't waste my time posting to you. Contrary to what little LH has said, my time is valuable and I do not waste it attacking others for my own edification.
And if you read my posts again... in quite a few of them, I have complimented you on your changes....I call it as I see it from all angles TFC.... good or bad. That to me would be a lot more valuable than someone feeding me what I want to hear.
Keep up the good work and fight your urges to be less than patient.